A Well-Dressed Consultant
A wealthy and very well-dressed financial consultant arrives to fill out his report for the company he works for.

The dapper, extremely confident and very dignified gentleman leaves his Porsche with the parking attendant and enters wearing the building wearing his designer business suit. His shoes click along the polished floor as he heads for the elevator.

He picks up the paperwork, struts into his well-furnished office, puts down his fifteen hundred dollar briefcase and sits down at his desk. He stares at the questions for five minutes, and shakes his head in disbelief. He looks again, and his shoulders drop. Then with a sigh of embarrassment, he unties and pulls his feet out of his highly polished $800 Brooks Brothers dress shoes and then peels off his silk socks.

The now barefoot consultant then stuffs the socks in the shiny, expensive shoes and drops them in the garbage can.

A few minutes later, he shakes his head, slowly unties his $150 Hermes silk necktie, unfastens his monogrammed gold cufflinks, and slides his Rolex off his wrist. He throws them in to the garbage as well. His silver tiepin and his paisley braces follow.

A moment later, the consultant drops his head into his hands and groans. No longer confident and dignified, he looks around furtively.

Then he angrily shrugs and stands up. He strips off his $2,000 navy blue pinstriped Armani business suit, and his starched white shirt, folds them up and stuffs them in the garbage.

The consultant finally sits down and finishes his work.

A colleague comes in, looks around, sees the stripped consultant and his expensive clothes piled in the garbage and is stunned. “Why did you do this?” he asks in bewilderment.

The formerly well-dressed and impeccably groomed consultant angrily and wearily picks up the paperwork.

“Why didn’t you warn me about this? It says right here: ALL questions MUST be answered in brief!”
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