Sleeping on the job
Tony was a young auditor who worked or a big four firm in the city. He was good at his work and smart at figures. However, there was one thing that made his audit senior mad at him - Tony would fall asleep at a moment notice. Many times, his senior would catch him napping in the office at his desk. All the written warnings and threats had little effect because Tony still took time to sleep for half an hour when his colleagues would be on work out of the office.
One day, the audit senior decided to take a different approach. At the appropriate time, he went to the office where Tony worked and stepped silently in. Sure enough, his subordinate was fast asleep with his feet up on his desk. The senior walked softly to the snoring auditor and, instead of startling him awake he did something else. Slowly and carefully, he slipped the sleeping man's shoes off his feet, wincing and pinching his nose at the smell of the young auditor's socks. Then, as slowly as he came in, he went out, taking the shoes with him.
When Tony woke up, he got the fright of his life - his shoes were gone and he could not remember taking them off. In vain he searched for his shiny city loafers; they were nowhere to be seen. When his office mate Charlie came back from the clients, he was still padding in his socks and ran behind his desk so his colleage would not see him wiothout his shoes. Charlie did not notice anything amiss except for a stale stink of feet in the room. By five in the evening, Tony was still without his shoes and when his boss called to tell his the office would be closing in five minutes, Tony was at his wit's end. How could he walk out of the office in his suit and tie, without his shoes - he would look stupid. With hesitation, he walked stealthily out of the room and ran down the corridor to the elevator. Luckily for him, all the other employees had left and he reach the car park without meeting anyone. He walked to his car in the shadows and drove home with his heart thumping. That was close!!
Next morning, Tony went in to his senior's office to be given the day's assignment. The senior did not say much but made a remark about Tony's new shoes. Back in his office, Tony found his 'lost' shoes under his desk and realised what had happened - and he made it a point not to sleep at his desk again; at least not as often as he used to!!
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